Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where did May go?

Summer Camp started for Kayleigh this morning at 8AM. Summer School started for me today too.

Having a bit of anxiety.

Camps, playdates, swim lessons, commitments, a clean house, home cooked meals, school work, workouts, oh my!

I have lots to share, hopefully I'll get here soon. If not, look for pix on the FB.

Monday, May 16, 2011


The more time we spend in our neighborhood, the more enjoyable I find it. Or maybe it's just the magic of Spring?

We've been lucky this year with an actual Spring. It's so nice to take walks near the canal, grassy lawns, and under the big trees. (Yes, Tucson we are taking your water, but I'm South Dakota girl and need the greenery!)

I found this in my drafts... I hope to get to another posting soon (Katie).

Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 Warrior Dash in Florence, Arizona

Woohoo! I'm a 2011 Warrior Dash Survivor! The whole experience of the race day was energetic. There were hundreds of people there. And some really awesome costumes. Our matching outfits were pretty lame in comparison, but we looked cute and stuck together the entire 3.4 miles and all 12 obstacles.

Dave sported a mohawk for the race. He pulled away from Shana and I early on.
He finished about 10 minutes before we did. And apparently he dove right into the mud pit!

We crawled under barbed wire, over steep mounds of dirt, ran over cars and through tires, scaled and repelled walls, ran though mud, climbed cargo netting and hay bales, walked planks, and ran over fire, jumped in a mud pit and crawled under barbed wire to get out.

I felt like a rockstar. HAHA!

Dave was so sweet to wait for Shana and I with my camera. Here we are with our medals and bananas before we were sprayed with fire hoses to clean off all the mud.

Our next step was to cash in on our free beer we earned. I gave mine to Dave...

My cousins ran an hour after us. So, this is our "team" photo.

At the event there is live music, turkey legs and stuff like that, beer, and lots of people just hanging out. If you are even thinking about participating in a Warrior Dash, do it! And dress as crazy as possible. And the more you have in your group the merrier. We all agreed that next year we will have to put much more thought into our costumes.